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Site Policy

About this site

This siteis operated by Yamanashi Prefectural Government.

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All rights pertaining to files on this site, such as text or images and their contents, will in principle belong to Yamanashi Prefectural Government. In addition, some of the copyrights for text or images and their contents will belong to the original creator.

It is forbidden to use or reproduce text or images that appear on this site without permission.

Link Policy

As a general rule, anyone can link freely to this site (http://www.sports-camp.pref.yamanashi.jp/). However, we may decline links if we judge the contents of the homepage hosting the link to be unsuitable.


We do not take any responsibility for acts undertaken using information from this site. In addition, we do not take responsibility for any damage or loss incurred from accessing this site under any circumstances.

Privacy Policy

We do our best to treat your personal information with extreme care so that you can access our website with peace of mind. The collection, use, and management of personal information is handled in accordance with the ”Yamanashi Ordinance of Privacy Protection."
By using our site, you consent to the following terms and conditions:

Personal Information

Personal information is defined here as the information that the Yamanashi Prefectural Government collects through this site, including addresses, names, telephone numbers, email addresses, or other information that allows us to discern a specific individual .

About the Collection of Personal Information

When the Yamanashi Prefectural Government acquires personal information through this site, as a general rule, it is considered as willingly made available by the user.
When acquiring information, we will clarify our objectives and collect information only as necessary to achieve those objectives.

Regarding the Use of Personal Information

Collected personal information will be used within the boundaries defined by the objective of use indicated in prior to use. We will not use or distribute information outside of the agreed upon terms.

Management of Personal Information

We will carefully manage any collected personal information and take necessary precautions to prevent leaks, unauthorized reuse, or falsification of such information.
Yamanashi’s basic approach regarding information security is to act in accordance with information security measures (information security policies). Additionally, personal information that is no longer necessary will be immediately erased from our database.

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