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Yamanashi Prefecture is a treasure house of high quality local ingredients. Throughout your training camp, hotels and restaurants can provide fresh meat, seafood, dairy products, vegetables, fruit, and ingredients necessary for raising training performance. We support athletes’ conditioning through delicious cuisine.

“Made in Yamanashi” brand ingredients


Yamanashi Prefecture is Japan’s largest producer of grapes, peaches and plums. Many kinds of grapes are grown, including ones which can be eaten unpeeled, and can be enjoyed from July to October. The peaches are carefully cultivated one by one, and are extremely sweet and juicy. They are superb products to be savored when you visit Yamanashi.

Livestock produce

Yamanashi Prefecture is a producer of brand meat. The brands include “Koshu-gyu”, Japanese black beef with a quality ranking of 4 and 5, “Koshu Wine Beef”, from cattle fed on grape pomace, “Fujizakura Pork”, which was created after many years of research, and the umami-rich "Koshu Jidori" chicken. It also has an abundance of livestock produce, including dairy products and eggs. You can enjoy the delicious taste of the produce while taking in high quality protein.

Freshwater fish

With an abundance of natural water, Yamanashi Prefecture has a lively freshwater fish cultivation industry. The large red-fleshed rainbow trout, which weighs over 1kg, is called “Kai salmon”, and is popular for its refreshing taste.


Yamanashi Prefecture has cultivated land in its cold, high-altitude regions and its basin. Thanks to this difference in elevation, locally produced vegetables are available throughout the year. Main produce includes tomatoes, cucumbers and cabbages. There are also many kinds of traditional vegetables in each region.


Yamanashi Prefecture is the home of Japanese wine. It has around 80 wineries, and produces around 30% of the wine made in Japan. In particular, its white wine (Koshu Wine), made from grapes unique to Yamanashi, is so delicious that it has attracted attention in Europe. Enjoy with Japanese cuisine for an exquisite dining experience.

Local cuisine

Yamanashi’s representative regional dish is called Hoto. It is a miso-flavored dish, made by stewing wheat flour noodles together with vegetables, and features pumpkin. Another standard dish consists of edible wild plants and mushrooms, and is made with seasonal ingredients. Its variety of ingredients makes it a well-balanced dish.

Supervision: Yamanashi Gakuin University

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