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The central area of Yamanashi Prefecture, centered around the city of Kofu, is a flat basin. This is surrounded by mountains with an altitude of around 3,000 meters, including Mt.Fuji, the Southern Japanese Alps, and Yatsugatake. As there is a large difference in elevation, the climate differs depending on the region. This enables the perfect training camp location to be chosen in accordance with the season and aim.

Climate features

Point 1

The central area is mostly the same as Tokyo.

The average temperature of Kofu City, which is located in the basin of the central area at an altitude of around 300 meters, is mostly the same as that of Tokyo. Training under the same conditions as those of Tokyo is possible.

Point 2

The areas north of Mt.Fuji and Yatsugatake have cold climate.

The sports facilities near the Northern Mt.Fuji area have an altitude of around 1,000 meters, and are located in an area which is over 700 meters higher than Kofu City. The Yatsugatake area sports facilities have an altitude of around 700 to 900 meters, and training in a cold climate and at a semi-high altitude is possible.

Point 3

Long hours of daylight

Yamanashi Prefecture has the least amount of annual rainfall in Japan. The central basin area and the foot of Yatsugatake in the north are particularly known for their long hours of daylight. With many fine days, Yamanashi is the perfect place for outdoor training.

Point 4

The heat subsides at night

In Yamanashi Prefecture, there is a difference between day and night temperatures. Even in summer, the temperature and humidity levels drop at night. In the daytime, athletes can adjust to the high temperature and levels of humidity, and at night they can rest in a pleasant climate.


[Long hours of daylight]
1st in 2013, the 2nd in 2014

[Pleasant climate]
While Kofu is the same as Tokyo, the Yatsugatake (Oizumi) area and the Northern Mt.Fuji (Kawaguchiko) area have cooler climates.


Yamanashi Area Map

Traveling time guideline from Haneda Airport (by car)
Kofu basin area / 2 hours 15 minutes
Northern Mt.Fuji area / 1 hours 45 minutes
Yatsugatake area / 2 hours 45 minutes

Traveling time guideline from Kofu city(by car)

Northern Mt.Fuji area / 1 hours
Yatsugatake area / 1 hours

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