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Opening of our New Website

We are happy to announce that our new sports camps website aimed at foreign athletes, ”Sports Camp Guide Yamanashi, Japan ” has been opened. We in Yamanashi Prefecture have been working on this for some time, and it can be accessed using the URL below.
This homepage provides a wide range of information that will be necessary when choosing a location for sports camps, starting with summaries of the sports facilities in Yamanashi Prefecture, its location next to the Tokyo Metropolis, its brilliant nature, its fortunate weather, its support system and messages from top athletes who have links to the prefecture.
We have two websites, one in Japanese and one in English; on top of that, we have submitted PDF data of each sports facility in Spanish and Portuguese, and a digital pamphlet which summarizes the contents of the website in Japanese, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
We have also the facebook account(URL:https://www.facebook.com/yamanashisports/). Please visit our facebook page and press the like button on our page.
We in Yamanashi Prefecture have created this website to provide more sports related information than ever before, and so we hope that you will keep it active, and use it often.


OpeningDate: 19th January 2017