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Kose Sports Park Martial Arts Stadium

Kose Sports Park  

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Olympic Sports

  • Fencing
  • Judo
  • Karate
  • Volleyball

Paralympic Sports

  • Judo

Suitable for many sports, this martial arts stadium is also equipped with a weight room

  • POINT1

    ●This facility is well-equipped to accommodate national and international-level competitions such as Judo and Karate and so on.
    ●Various national sports games were held.

  • POINT2

    ●The spring mechanism qualified for competition use is built into the flooring of the first martial arts field(Kendo or Karate) and the second one(Judo) .
    ●The whole building is equipped with air-conditioners.
    ●The large gym in the martial arts stadium is well-equipped. (389.4 ㎡)
    ●Gym (389.4㎡, training equipment: treadmill-15, aerobike-12, weight training machine-42, and free weights)

  • POINT3

    ●The external design of this building was inspired by the shape of Japanese traditional armor helmet.
    ●It is possible to use the other equipment within this integrated sports park, such as Gymnasium, swimming pool, athletic field and indoor running course, which are all spacious and state of the art.
    ●Located in Kofu urban area, there is nearby the convenient facilities such as a supermarket and hospital and so on.

  • IF standard(Fencing:Olympic)

    IF standard(Judo:Olympic)

    IF standard(Judo:Paralympic)

    Major facilities

    ●Arena (53.1m x 37.5m, 6 Judo and Kendo fields)
    ●1st martial arts field (17.7m x 30.0m, 2 Kendo fields)
    ●2nd martial arts field (17.7m x 30.0m, 2 Judo fields)
    ●Gym (11.8m x 33.0m)
    ●Kyudo dojo (close-range shooting: 28m, 12 people, long-distance shooting: 60m, 6 people )
    ●Sumo arena (1 dohyo ring, 4 outside dohyo rings)

  • Additional facilities

    ●Air conditioning, conference room, locker room, shower facility
    ●Capacity: 2,864 seats in martial arts stadium arena (fixed seat: 1,424 seats, movable seat: 1,440 seats)

  • Nearby available facilities

    ●Other facilities in Kose Sports Park are available for use (athletic field, gymnasium, swimming pool, etc.)


・10 minutes by car from the Chuo Expressway Kofu-Minami Interchange.


840 Kose-machi, Kofu City, Yamanashi

Kofu and Shosenkyo Gorge Area

Kofu is associated with Takeda Shingen, a famous general from the Warring States Period, and Kofu City is the seat of the Yamanashi Prefectural Government.