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Shikishima Sogo Park: Multi-Purpose Athletic Field

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Olympic Sports

  • Archery

A multipurpose athletic field that has held archery and other sports tournaments before

  • POINT1

    ●It is a nature rich area with a view of Mt. Fuji.
    ●The park is approximately eight hectares surrounded by Ume trees and abundant with nature.
    ●The National Athletic Meet Archery was held here.

  • POINT2

    ●The multi-purpose athletic field is a natural turf ground.
    ●The park provides one baseball field and one softball field, or it can be used for football or leisure sports when using the entire field.

  • POINT3

    ●The surrounding area makes a good jogging course, and a marathon is held every year around the park.

  • IF standard(Archery:Olympic)

    Major facilities

    ●Ground 21,000㎡, irregular shape (east-west: 70~120m, north-south: 200m (longest))

  • Additional facilities

    ●Shower facility, jogging path


・It takes 10 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway Futaba SA Smart IC.
・By train: get off at JR Chuo Line "Ryuo Station." It takes 10 minutes by car from the station.


2814 Ushiku, Kai City, Yamanashi

Kofu and Shosenkyo Gorge Area

Kofu is associated with Takeda Shingen, a famous general from the Warring States Period, and Kofu City is the seat of the Yamanashi Prefectural Government.