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Yamanashi City Makioka B&G Kaiyo Center (Training Gym)

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Olympic Sports

  • Weightlifting

A weight room equipped with bathing facilities and a pool. Overnight stays are also possible

  • POINT1

    ●This is a combined physical educational facility, located in Makioka town at an altitude of 450m and surrounded by rich nature. Aside from the gym, it is equipped with pools, a gymnasium, dojo, bath facilities and so on.
    ●The gymnasium, the martial arts field, and training gym were all refurbished in July 2016.
    ●So far, the facility has been used for many weightlifting camps, for national amateur teams, prefectural representatives, high school students and so on.

  • POINT2

    ●The gym is fully equipped with air conditioning, and it is suitable for training for weightlifting competition.
    ●There is a set of international-standard barbells available, and according to need it is possible to prepare more.

  • POINT3

    ●It is possible to have an integrated training session by incorporating the gymnasium, the on-site pool for cooldown, the onsen (hot spring) facilities with water flowing freely from the source, and so on.
    ●Also, the conference room can be used for a variety of purposes, for example, as a rest area.

  • IF standard(Weightlifting:Olympic)

    Major facilities

    ●Training Gym: 130.5m²
     6 weightlifting spots,
     At most 8 spaces available for training, during matches, this area is mostly used for warming up.
    ●If the game is taking place, the gymnasium (temporarily reinforced) can be used.

  • Additional facilities

    ●Bathing facilities 104.33m² (two tubs for men and women), changing rooms and shower facilities, conference room (for first-aid treatment and for trainers)
    ●Gymnasium 726.15m² (30.9m×23.5m: one basketball court, two volleyball courts, 3 badminton courts)
    ●Martial Arts stadium 456.3m² (29.25m×15.6m: one judo space, one kendo space)
    ●Indoor pools 833.1m² (45.65×18.25m: main pool 25m×13m (6 lanes, water depth 1.1~1.2m) secondary pool 10m×6m (water depth 0.5~0.6m))


・By Car: 12km from the Chuo Expressway Katsunuma IC, via the Kokudo (National Route) 20, the Kendo (Prefectural Route) 34・214・38, the Kokudo 411・140


442-1 Kubodaira, Makioka-cho, Yamanashi City, Yamanashi

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